7 Subtle Residential Restroom Advances Inspired by Commercial Restroom Tech

GNA7312-1The future of residential restroom designs is starting to look as smart and futuristic as any sci-fi movie. The new trend inspired by commercial restroom tech has been subtly creeping into your household bathroom. 

With the rise in popularity of voice assistants and touchless technology, it only makes sense that people would begin to incorporate these advancements into household bathroom products – such as toilets and faucets. 

The growing trend for smart homes is heading into your bathroom. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) projected to increase to 10.5% over the next six years, it is clear these once subtle advances will soon become the norm in building designs. 

Bar graph of the U.S. smart bathroom market size and growth prediction for the next six years

Image: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/smart-bathrooms-market 

In this article, you will discover the latest advancements in household bathrooms inspired by commercial technology and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart technology is the future of residential restroom designs
  • The top seven subtle advances for your home bathroom that commercial restroom tech inspired
  • How to get your residential bathroom the technology used in commercial restroom designs

7 Technological Advances in Residential Restrooms

The future of luxury is in your bathroom. With the rising trend for building smart homes, it's no surprise that our bathrooms will be smart too. 

The rising construction of smart homes has led many builders and architects to install smart baths, motion sensors, and automatic flush systems. 

Consumers are now turning their bathrooms into mini spas with built-in smart fittings. 

Here are the top seven advances in residential restroom technology:

Touchless Faucets 

The touchless technology on these faucets will turn the water off and on with just a wave of your hand. You can even set different times for specific activities like brushing teeth – this is great for families with kids.

There are also metered faucet options that automatically shut off after a designated amount of water has been used. That way, you can conserve water and prevent the spread of germs since you won't need to touch the faucet again to turn it off.  

Digital Toilets  

Smart toilets in the home began with a duel-flush feature that allowed you to use only the appropriate amount of water to flush down your waste. One button gives you the option for a full flush (for solid waste) and a light flush (for liquid-only waste). 

Yet, today, that technology seems a little too simple to call smart and innovative. Digital toilets have become a staple in many luxury bathrooms. This isn't just about heated seats anymore. 

With just a wave of your hand, it automatically raises or lowers the seat for easy access and has antimicrobial seats that clean themselves. You'll never have to touch the toilet seat again. 

Some of these smart features are accessible from your phone or mobile device. That way, if you want a heated seat before getting out of bed, reach for your smartphone first.

Warming Drawers

Are you ready to dry off from your shower? Wrap yourself up in a toasty warm towel or robe for the ultimate spa experience at home with a warming drawer. 

This technology may not seem cutting-edge. However, it is making a subtle advancement into household bathroom renovations. 

These drawers are programmable from any mobile device. Different users can set the temperature based on their personal preferences. You can even set timers and adjust temp settings before you step foot into your bathroom.

Voice Activated Lighting 

First, you had motion-sensor lighting that would turn the lights on when you walked into the bathroom. That is old tech nowadays. Voice-activated lighting is the future! 

With voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft (to name a few), it only makes sense to incorporate this into household bathroom lighting fixtures.

Smart Showers

Stop waiting for the perfect shower temperature and get ready to enjoy a warm, soothing experience with your smart shower. 

The bath panel is easy to use and provides water at your desired level of heat. You can even set the programs for every user for a personal experience.

It also monitors usage, so you'll always know when it's time to refill or replace supplies like shampoo bottles. You can even monitor water usage, detect leaks, and set automatic shut-off features with eco-friendly settings.

Automatic Deodorizers  

Automatic deodorizers are also not exactly cutting-edge technology. For decades people have been getting sprayed in the face with a poorly placed (or strategically placed if you're a prankster) automatic deodorizer. 

However, like all things technical, subtle advances in air freshness have come a long way. Some toilets even offer these features built into them. 

Water-Saving Technology 

Faucets aren't the only fixtures that offer water-saving technology. You can also fit your showers, toilets, and baths with this eco-friendly smart technology

These subtle advances minimize the impact on the environment but also provide insights into your water consumption. 

Several features can identify a variety of concealed defects in your water system. It measures microscopic water pressure changes. That way, if there is a leak, you can address the issue before it impacts your water bill. 

  Typical water consumption without water-saving technology incorporated into your bathroom fixtures.

Geberit Has the Latest in Both Residential and Commercial Restroom Tech

The future of residential bathrooms is here, and these trends took their cues from commercial restroom technology. Geberit has the fixtures to set your household bathroom apart.

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We want to help you design your bathroom in a way that ensures a better future for us all.

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