9 Toilet Designs That Enable Easy and Active Cleaning

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Easy to clean toilet designs are here to make your least favorite chore more tolerable. Innovative designs make the sanitation task of toilet cleaning easier and more efficient. 

If you're interested in getting one of these toilets, this article highlights nine designs that reduce the frequency of this housekeeping duty.  

Your toilet may not be the dirtiest surface in your house. However, it still contains a significant number of microbes (49 per square inch) that could lead to illness or even death. 

Infograph of surfaces that have a high germ count including phones, keyboards, computer mice, and toilets.   

For that reason—and for general cleanliness— you must clean your toilet. So, take a moment to review the list of toilets recommended for those who don't like cleaning this receptacle. 

Key Takeaways:

  • A rimless toilet is easy to clean because there is no rim for waste to get stuck on or bacteria to grow on.
  • Self-cleaning toilets are an obvious choice for people who want to clean the toilet less often.
  • Composting toilets are not only good for the environment. You also do not need to clean it as frequently.
  • Tankless and wall-hung toilets, in-wall urinal systems, and bidets are easier to clean because there are fewer components to clean.
  • Waterless toilets need minimal cleaning. Since you simply place enzymes in with the waste that disposes of the contents naturally.


9 Easy to Clean Toilet Designs

Your bathroom is a high-traffic room, and you should be cleaning this space at least once a week. Maybe more if you have a large family living in the same house. 

Several cleaning hacks make this job less of a chore. You can even clean the tank of your toilet without scrubbing, as suggested by the video below. 

That said, having a toilet that takes less effort to clean is ideal. Here are nine toilet designs that make it easier to clean your toilet so you can do it more often:

1. Rimless Toilet

As the name suggests, a rimless toilet has no rim under the seat. The water does not flow into the bowl around the entire rim as traditional models do. 

Instead, the water flushes the waste by entering the toilet from the back, shooting water around the edge. That makes the toilet easy to clean and more hygienic. 

2. Self-Cleaning Toilet

Self-cleaning toilets are an obvious choice for people who want to clean the toilet less often. They have a design element that disinfects the toilet bowl without you having to lift a scrub brush.

They distribute cleaner with every flush, but also it has a deep cleaning option that releases a more potent cleaner for tough stains. These toilets also have a special bowl design and have a coating material on the porcelain.

3. Composting Toilet 

 Composting toilets are dry toilets that use a biological process called composting to treat human waste. These toilets are not only good for the environment. You also do not need to clean them as often. 

This method leads to the decomposition of organic matter. It does this by turning human waste into compost-like material. 

Most composting toilets do not use water to flush waste. For that reason, they are sometimes called "dry toilets."

4. Tankless Toilet

These toilets do not use a water-filled tank when flushing. Instead, they use a water siphoning process. It generates a high-pressure flush because they connect directly to the water supply line. 

They take up less space in the bathroom which makes cleaning other areas of your lavatory easier as well. There are also fewer components to the toilet, so you don't have to spend as much time cleaning it.

5. Wall-Hung Toilet 

Wall-hung toilets are simple and have a sleek design. That makes cleaning them easier. Also, it is a hybrid between a tankless system and an in-wall system, as it is a combination of both elements.

Not only do they have a sleek modern design. These toilets are also more environmentally friendly. They use only 4.8 liters of water for solid waste and 3 liters for liquid, saving significant volumes of water. 

6. In-Wall Urinal System

In-wall urinal systems are an excellent option when installing "his and hers" bathroom fixtures. These urinals also incorporate an in-wall system that gives them the appearance of being tankless. 

Urinals have the added touch of cleanliness and convenience. It’s not unusual for the men in a household to sometimes miss the bowl of a traditional toilet. Urinal placement nearly eliminates this issue, so you don't have to clean up after people. 

7. Bidets

Bidets are another option for "his and hers" bathroom fixtures, and they are significantly easier to keep clean due to the nature of the design. Not only are they more manageable to keep clean, but they also help to keep you clean.

8. Touchless Toilets

Touchless toilets have sensors that detect the presence of someone using the commode. When someone moves away from the sensor, the toilet automatically flushes. 

This feature keeps the surface of the toilet cleaner so that no one is placing potentially germy hands on a handle, seat, or lid. It also eliminates the potential spread of bacteria and microbes that make people sick.

9. Upflush Toilet

An upflush toilet moves waste upwards through the pipes using water pressure. This feature is what makes them different from a standard gravity-fed toilet. What makes these toilets easier to clean is the way they remove the waste. The high-pressure system flushes in a way that cleans the bowl as the water passes over its surface. 

These toilets are guaranteed not to clog. A macerator is a device or a garbage disposal-like mechanism that ensures waste does not come back up.

Concealed Sanitation Systems are the Easy to Clean Toilet Designs You’re Looking For

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Our systems enhance the look of your bathroom. We replace your standard toilet to provide more usable space by hiding unsightly plumbing fittings. 

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