Does Your Toilet Have These 9 Features?

Geberit Smart Toilet

There are some toilet features you might not be aware of, and it's time to look at what innovative features are available. Not only for your home, but if you are a designer, architect, or building manager, you might be interested to know what is happening in the toilet feature market. 

Smart technologies are taking over homes, and the bathroom is not exempt from this trend. The experts expect the global Smart Toilet market to reach $12.7 billion by 2025. That's a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3%.

The increasing need for sanitary hygiene products that focus on public health and wellness remains a favorable factor for market growth. Here are the features people want with their Smart toilets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Double-jet flush ensures that all waste goes down with the first flush. Dual flush technology gives users control over how much water to use to flush waste.
  • Seat warmers and feet warmers are handy for frigid fall mornings or cold winter days and are a must-have feature for those in colder climates.
  • Bidets and air dryers do the work to keep you clean so that you don't have to. Activate these features with a single device with full integration with your Smart Home system.
  • In a time when refrigerators sending grocery lists was unimaginable, a music-playing toilet was extravagant. In a world filled with technological advances, music is a must-have toilet feature.

9 Must-Have Toilet Features   

While toilets might seem like basic fixtures, some models come with some fairly luxurious features. These toilets of the future are unreal when it comes to their capabilities. 

Does your toilet have these exceptional features?

1. Double-Jet Flush  

These fixtures use an innovative flushing style that makes better use of the bowl's rim holes, using two jets of water to create a stronger flush. They use less water and maintain their overall cleanliness for longer. Double-jet flush ensures that all waste goes down with the first flush. They use low-flow technology that doesn't sacrifice performance. 

2. Touchless Flush  

Touchless toilets allow you to wave your hand over an actuator to initiate the flush. Similar to an automatic commode, it flushed without you touching the handle. However, motion-detecting toilets use sensors that activate when you stand. These hands-free actuators put the power of the flush in your hands.

3. Dual Flush   

Toilets are one of the main sources of water usage in residential and commercial buildings. Nearly 30% of a home's indoor water use gets flushed literally down the drain.  

Infograph of how much a WaterSense toilet can save in water usage


A dual-flush feature is more than just convenient it saves on water consumption. Less water flows for liquid waste and more for solids. Yet, both use less water than standard inefficient models, saving you money.

4. Seat Warmer   

Never sit on a cold toilet seat again. Get a toilet with a seat warmer. Advanced models integrate into your Smart Home system allowing you to set when the seat warms up. About to get out of bed and into the shower but need to make a pick stop? Don't sit on a cold toilet. Just set it to warm while you're still under the covers.

5. Feet Warmer 

Feet warmers come in two main varieties. You can get a toilet that has the feature built-in with a platform you place your feet on. However, the most common application for this feature is to have the warmers installed into the flooring. That way, you are not limited to enjoying this feature only when using the toilet.

6. Bidet & Air Dryer

Toilet paper clogs plumbing systems. While all toilet paper breaks down eventually, the degree and speed at which they degrade vary. It all takes a toll on plumbing systems. 

Bidets with air blowers are a great way to eliminate paper waste. They are better for your systems and can reduce sewage costs on your utilities. 

7. Deodorizer

This feature eliminates the need for additional deodorizing hardware installed throughout the restroom. Let the toilet remove odors or release the pleasant scent of deodorizer instead! There are two ways these toilet deodorizers work:

  • Carbon filters: These filters are located in the toilet bowl to remove smells before they make their way into the air. 
  • Fragrances: These built-in air fresheners release a small spritz of deodorizing spray, leaving the room smelling fresh and clean.

8. Motion-Activated 

Raising toilet lids, flushing, and even cleaning is possible with just a wave of your hand. These features include raising or lowering the lid and seat based on the user's needs. Since the toilet seat is one of the germiest places in the bathroom, avoiding contact is necessary.

Infograph of the CFU bacteria counts on surfaces in the bathroom


Motion-activated flushing will flush the toilet as soon as the user stands. That way, they can avoid touching grimy toilet surfaces. You can even get a motion-activated toilet with a self-cleaning feature. You can set this feature to activate with the wave over the sensor, or you can schedule a time for cleaning.

9. Music Player

Because why not? Who doesn't want to listen to Bach while using the toilet? 

This extraordinarily extravagant feature is more for residential applications. Most commercial and retail buildings already have music playing throughout the facility. Having a serenading toilet at the office might be a bit much.  

While extravagant, it made this list because as technology advances and more manufacturers incorporate innovations into their products, Smart home features and service-on-demand capabilities are more prevalent. 

Remember, there was a time when a refrigerator sending you a list of groceries you need was unheard of, and today, it is a reality. An extravagance you didn't know you needed, like a toilet that plays music.

Toilet Technology is Available at Geberit

While some features are more luxurious than others, there are some that no one should have to live without, especially those that are good for the environment. Dual flush toilets allow you to conserve water by only using the amount necessary to flush the waste. 

Smart technology, touchless actuators, and motion-activated sensors are available for you toilets (among other plumbing fixtures) Geberit. We have the plumbing fixture you need to turn any lavatory into the restroom of the future. 

Contact us today for the latest information regarding upcoming advances in plumbing fixture technology and advanced features.