How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity with Sink

Image of a bathroom vanity with sink and chrome faucet

Are you working on a design project and need to select the best bathroom vanity with sink? The experts are ready to offer their insights on choosing the best vanity for your project. Whether you are working on a residential project or a commercial construction application, these tips will help you determine the best unit for this job and any projects you have in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • The bathroom vanity market size continues to grow and a CAGR of 5.9% due to the increase in clients looking for bathroom renovations.
  • When choosing a vanity, consider who will use the bathroom the most. Schools and daycare will have different dimension requirements than other commercial applications.
  • Review all specs and check for potential obstacles in the design that could eliminate a style of vanity you're considering. Also, factor in storage space needs.
  • Determine the sink style that will work best. Once you select the vanity and sink, it's time to consider which faucet will work best with the bathroom vanity and sink design.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity and Sink  

Bathroom renovations are on the rise for commercial and residential applications. The market size for bathroom vanities is $7.5 billion, and experts expect it to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% by 2025. The reason for this growth is the increase in bathroom design projects. 

Bar graph of the CARG of the bathroom vanity market size through 2025


If you are in the market to purchase a bathroom vanity with sink, there are some factors to consider when choosing the right one for your project. Here are some tips before you buy:

1. Consider Who Will Use the Sink  

Whether your bathroom design project is for a residential or commercial application, you will want to select a vanity that best fits the people using it. For instance, if you are working on a restroom renovation for a new in-home daycare, you will want a vanity that will accommodate the children's needs, like one that offers a built-in step. 

2. Check the Location of the Plumbing  

The location of the plumbing may impact the style of vanity you can choose for your bathroom project. You don't want to spend time modifying the back of the unit to fit the plumbing specifications. 

You may want to take your own measurements before ordering the vanities for your project. Compare them to the design plans. Consider a vanity with an open back and eliminate this concern.

3. Review Specs for Potential Obstacles  

Doors, windows, and wall placement impact the bathroom vanity you can install. When determining where to place your vanity and what size and style will work with the provided space, consider the following:

  • How the door swings: If the bathroom door swings inwards (as most do), you'll want to ensure it doesn't hit the vanity. Also, make sure that it doesn't obstruct the drawers even when the bathroom door is open.
  • The Shower: If the bathroom design calls for a separate shower and tub, consider the placement of the shower stall when choosing a vanity. Like with the bathroom door, you'll want to ensure the shower stall doesn't interfere with the vanity and vice versa.
  • The Toilet: Have you ever used a bathroom that didn't offer enough room when using the toilet? No one wants to hit their elbow on the vanity. Choose one that still provides the space needed to make the room comfortable for users. 
  • Traffic flow: The vanity shouldn't make getting around the room a challenge. People constantly bumping into the vanity could pose a safety risk.

Designer Pro Tip: Smaller bathrooms are challenging, but there are some tips on how to save space and still get a luxurious bathroom – along with the ideal vanity – your clients will love!

4. Factor in Storage Space Needs  

One reason a person might opt for a vanity versus a pedestal sink is the added perk of extra storage. That means that when you choose a bathroom vanity, you need to consider the storage options. 

You may not need a vanity with more storage if the design plans call for additional storage elsewhere in the space. However, if the room offers little to no storage anywhere else, you'll want the vanity to provide optimal space for placing bathroom essentials.

5. Determine Sink Style   

Choosing the sink style is as essential as selecting the vanity itself. You'll have to consider how the bowl will fit into the vanity. 

When developing design options for clients (or choosing for your bathroom at home), the best approach for choosing a sink style is to consider the other fixtures in the room. What will fit the look and the space allotted? 

Are there design specifications you must meet that will rule out certain options? Or make other features more advantageous? 

While it might seem overwhelming when you begin considering the details of a project, selecting a sink boils down to four main style choices:

  • Counter-top Drop-in
  • Undermount Sink
  • Vessel (or Bowl) Sink
  • Trough Style

Image of a trough-style sink

Selecting a Faucet for a Vanity Sink  

Once you've selected the best vanity and sink combination for your project, it's time to choose the best faucet. Depending on the cut of the sink, you may need a fixture with a single- or multiple-hole fitting. 

You'll also want to get a faucet that is durable and easy to install, with little to no maintenance requirements. Avoid generic or industrial looks and choose a stylish fixture.

Opt for the sleek design of a matte black touchless faucet. These fixtures offer the durable finish necessary for the heavy use of commercial facilities and provide the stylish look ideal for a modern look in a residential application. 

Above all else, choose a faucet that can withstand high-traffic buildings. Even in residential applications, commercial-grade fixtures are cost-effective because they reduce the need for replacing parts that can't withstand heavy use. 

Designing the Perfect Bathroom with Plumbing Products by Geberit  

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