How to Design a Touchless Bathroom

Stylish Bathroom with Touchless

Geberit touchless bathroom line features a variety of sleek fixtures that elevate the style of modern baths. Fixtures such as touchless flush toilets also limit the spread of germs.

How does a touchless flush toilet limit germs?

Germs transfer physically from one surface to another and some are airborne. When a person touches an infected toilet handle, they may transfer germs to their hands. Hands then transfer the germs to our faces and sometimes even directly into our mouths. We may also transfer germs when we touch other people, who in turn may touch their faces.

Touching our faces increase the likelihood that germs will enter our bodies through cuts in the skin or through our mouths and noses.

If you research hand-to-face germ transmission you'll find many studies on the subject. They generally agree on two things. We frequently touch our faces, and our subconscious drives this behavior. We don't know we are doing it.

Even in environments meant to be sterile, physicians, nurses, and lab techs, scratch noses, bite nails, and adjust their masks. Even pros make mistakes and must train to avoid contaminating sterile surfaces.

Watchers of Grey's Anatomy will remember an episode when a surgical intern earned the nickname "Glasses." His glasses fell into a patient's open abdomen. It was fiction, of course, but a good example of how even a trained professional can sometimes slip up.

The best way to avoid the spread of germs is to avoid touching surfaces in common areas.

Achieve this goal in baths with Geberit hands-free-toilet flush plates and faucets.

How do you make a toilet hands-free?

Geberit makes in-wall carriers and flush plates for wall-hung toilets.

A Geberit carrier is a sturdy frame and toilet tank that you install behind a bathroom wall. A wall-hung toilet bowl attaches to the carrier and seems to float weightlessly above the floor. The carrier frame is cleverly engineered to sit between the studs and behind the drywall in 2x4 and 2x6 construction.

A flush plate attaches to the in-wall carrier so that it’s positioned above the toilet bowl. Traditional flush plates require consumers to touch them to activate the flush.

Geberit offers touchless flushing, however, in the Sigma10 and Sigma80 flush plate series. Users may wave a hand in front of the plate to operate, or the plate can be set to flush automatically when the user walks away.

The sophisticated touchless Sigma80 flush plates also allow your clients to conserve water. LED bars on the plate light up when the user approaches. A long bar indicates a full flush for solid waste, and a short bar is a reduced flush for liquid waste, so a user knows intuitively where to wave a hand to operate the flush plate. By using this dual-flush capability, a typical family can save thousands of gallons of water per year.

Both the Sigma10 and Sigma80 operate on hard-wired AC power, and the Sigma10 offers a battery-operated version. Sigma10 also offers a flush plate with manual override.

Touchless operation means these flush plates don’t pass germs between users, plus they’re easier to keep clean than a manual flusher. These are great benefits, but claims like these may fail to convince anyone who remembers “good for us” devices that were long on function but short on looks. Designers need to know:

Will my clients like the looks of the Sigma10 and Sigma80 flush plates?


Sigma10 and Sigma80 flush plates are gorgeous. They remind consumers of fine watch designs or their favorite high-tech devices. They're perfect for modern homes and businesses, at home in transitional designs, and complement wall-hung toilets of all brands.

Choose a low-contrast flush plate to add a subtle stylish touch to your client's bath. Select a dramatic contrast to draw attention to the flush plate's bold modern aesthetics.

Sigma10 flush plates

Sigma10 2 Sigma10 1

Sigma10 flush plates feature a perfect circle centered on a flat panel.

For AC wiring the Sigma10 style options include:

  • Brushed stainless steel with polished circular accent
  • Polished chrome with matte chrome circular accent
  • White with polished chrome circular accent
  • White with polished gold circular accent
  • White with matte chrome circular accent
  • Black with polished chrome circular accent
  • Matte chrome with polished chrome circular accent
  • Brushed stainless steel with polished circular accent

The Sigma10 style options compatible with battery power include:

  • Brushed stainless steel with polished circular accent
  • Polished chrome with matte chrome circular accent
  • White with polished chrome circular accent
  • White with polished gold circular accent
  • White with matte chrome circular accent
  • Black with polished chrome circular accent
  • Matte chrome with polished chrome circular accent
  • Brushed stainless steel with polished circular accent

Sigma80 flush plates

sigma80 2 Sigma80 1

Sigma80 flush plates are ideal for bathrooms with leading-edge design. They feature high-gloss panels in mirrored or black glass. As you approach, two LED bars (in user-selectable colors) appear on the panel. Pass your hand across the short bar for liquid waste and the long bar for solid waste.


The Sigma80 style options are compatible with AC wiring

  • Black glass
  • Mirrored glass

To add a touch-free toilet to your client's bath design, select a wall-hung toilet from a compatible manufacturer, and then select the touchless flush plate that matches their décor. Add a touchless faucet to maximize your client's protection against germs.

Select a touchless faucet for any decor

Chicago Faucets, a member of the Geberit Group, offers an extensive catalog of touch-free faucets.

Chicago Faucets is widely regarded as a manufacturer of the highest quality touchless faucets available. Most Chicago Faucets are made from heavy-duty, solid brass covered with a durable finish. High quality standards and robust electronics give you a faucet that’s designed for many years of reliable operation.

You’ll want to choose the installation that’s right for the bathroom layout. For some touch-free Chicago Faucets, the working elements install below deck in a compact control box that mounts beneath the bathroom sink or counter. This allows for a sleeker, more compact spout profile.

Other Chicago Faucets offer everything above-deck except for the supply connection; all working parts are accessible but concealed within the spout. These easy-to-access controls allow for most repair and adjustment to be performed without going below the sink or even turning off the water supply.

Explore the latest touch-free faucets from Chicago Faucets in the Alpina, E-Tronic® 80, and EQ Series. They feature fashion-forward styles that anticipate emerging style trends.




London's Christoph Behling Design created two spout styles for the Alpina line: a gracefully curving spout and a spout with bold right angles.


E-Tronic® 80


The E-Tronic® 80 Series touchless restroom faucets are ideal for busy, high-traffic areas. Available built-in thermostatic protection helps building owners meet codes that require scald protection. A user-adjustable temperature handle gives restroom visitors comfort and convenience.


EQ Series

EQ, an easy-to-install, touchless faucet with beautiful finishes, makes for a great option when you’re looking for a quick and stylish switch from manual to touchless. Heavy-duty, yet beautiful faucet that works well in high traffic areas while also matching high style.

Fight germs with flair

Using touchless toilets and faucets eliminates the transmission of germs from touching bathroom surfaces.

The smooth designs of Geberit and Chicago Faucets touchless products increase cleanliness. Smooth surfaces wipe clean with ease. Wall-hung toilets increase hygiene too. Lifting the toilet off the floor opens up the entire floor for easy cleaning. That’s not possible with standard floor-mounted toilets, which offer multiple places around and behind the fixture where germs can hide.

Contact Gerberit or Chicago Faucets today to create a healthier future for your clients with hands-free toilets and touch-free faucets.