Is a Bathroom Design Service Really Worth It?

Modern bathroom designed by a bathroom design service

You don't have to be a design professional to remodel your bathroom. If you are a bathroom designer, you might already know the reasons to consider a bathroom design service. If not, this article will cover whether it's worth hiring a design service for bathroom renovations. 

The average cost of renovating a bathroom is between $5,500 and $15,000, depending on materials and whether you hire a bathroom designer. However, according to Home Guide, a DIY bathroom renovation will range between $1,500 to $10,000. 

Although, these are only cost ranges. Many factors determine these differences. It is best to consult with a professional for a free estimate to ascertain the actual cost difference between hiring a pro and doing it yourself.  

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If you’re looking to redesign a bathroom, choosing between doing it yourself or hiring a designer may not just be about the costs. You may not need a professional for every job, but you may be glad you did some research before making your decision. It may save you some time, money, and aggravation to know what to expect.

Keep reading to know more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before hiring a bathroom design service, know what they do and don’t do before signing a service agreement. 
  • Designers enable clients to remain within their budget, incorporate function with style to reduce stress, and produce quality results upon renovation completion. 
  • Some projects require an expert or a licensed professional, so make sure that you know whether a DIY bathroom design project needs a specialist.

What Does a Bathroom Design Service Do?

Bathroom designers are in charge of making sure that everything is functional and beautiful. They account for elements that will work with the given space and help clients decide on designs that suit their needs and tastes. 

Bathrooms need more than just attractive design. They may require careful attention from skilled professionals, such as interior architects or licensed plumbers, when designing the space. 

In some cases, your bathroom design service will designate a project manager to work on your behalf throughout the entire design process. 

In these situations, they may take an administrative or lead role in coordinating different trades for you. Sometimes this may mean managing their own team or external contractors, who provide services such as plumbing and wiring during installation. 

What a Bathroom Design Service Doesn’t Do

Things that your bathroom design service probably won’t do:

  • Hire contractors for you
  • Set your design budget
  • Get permits (unless working with a contractor)
  • Physically do the work (in most cases)

5 Reasons to Choose a Bathroom Design Service

There are more than five reasons for choosing a bathroom design service. Some of these reasons may be personal and project specific. Yet, four out of five homeowners hire specialists to work on their home improvement projects. 

If you're still not sure if hiring a bathroom design service is right for you, consider these five reasons why hiring a designer is worth it:

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1. Design Experience  

When going into a bathroom design project, it is good to have a trained eye. A designer can envision elements for your bathroom that you may not have considered (or thought possible). 

They assist you in choosing materials, themes, and styles. Your designer should be able to do this without overwhelming you with options. They will direct you by asking questions and offering solutions. 

Bathroom designers attend classes for years to study design. They remain knowledgeable on the latest trends and discover ways to avoid design fails. This knowledge comes from their training and experience in the field. 

2. Functionality of Design

When designing bathrooms, a skilled professional knows how to incorporate functionality with style. They can do this by including design elements like dual action flush plates and in-wall toilet systems for a modern bathroom experience. 

Designers may also suggest these features where design meets function (to name a few):

  • Voice-activated lighting
  • Touchless faucets
  • Heated tile
  • Remote shower access (turning on the shower from a smart device)
  • Self-heating toilet seats
  • Towel warmers
  • Smart mirrors 

3. Budget Planning

One thing a designer can assist you with is staying within your budget. They often have resources available to get you a better deal on materials and have relationships with contractors they trust to offer the fairest deal and produce quality craftsmanship. 

While it isn't their job to babysit your piggy bank, your designer should know your budget going in and provide resources to stay within that budget. They can also show you the areas where you should spend money on higher quality products and materials.

4. Reduce Renovation Stress

Hiring any home improvement professional should reduce the stress levels of the bathroom renovation. While design projects all come with an element of stress, paying someone to manage the details of a bathroom renovation is worth every penny. The ROI on a bathroom remodel is approximately 64%. The peace of mind of hiring a professional is priceless.

5. Quality Results 

When you sign a service agreement with a bathroom designer, you're hiring a skilled professional (and did your research of the best designers in your area). You can trust them to produce quality results. A bathroom designer has the expertise to offer better:

  • Color and texture matching
  • Space optimization
  • Design for a more cohesive theme (in the bathroom and throughout the home)
  • Eye for details, like finishes, hardware, and fitting (to name a few)

Homeowners overlook this aspect when attempting a DIY design project. They don't consider that even though they can do the work, it doesn't mean they should. The final results may not be as satisfying when done by a non-professional with little to no experience. 

When is DIY a Good Idea?

You can decide whether a bathroom design service is worth it by evaluating the size of the project you're considering. Perhaps your design project includes a few upgrades to fixtures and fittings and some new paint. You can easily manage these smaller renovations on your own.

You can save on costs by doing the work yourself. If you have never done home improvement projects before, choose a smaller project that you can easily repair if you make a mistake.


Regardless of your skill level in home improvement projects, consult an expert (if you are not one). Some design elements may require professional installation by a licensed plumber.

Pro Tip: Designers Choose Quality Products 

Whether you are a skilled professional or a homeowner looking to renovate their bathroom alone, quality products are the only way to guarantee quality results. At Geberit, our focus is on manufacturing quality plumbing products for professionals and those looking to do it yourself. 

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