The Pro Plumber's Guide to Flush Plates: Sizes, Styles, and Fitting

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Are you considering an in-wall sanitary system for your bathroom? There are some things to consider when choosing the flush plate for these systems. 

Also known as flush actuators, flush plates replace the toilet flushing handle. Manufacturers design them primarily for wall-hung toilets and pair them with concealed plumbing systems

Before reviewing the tips on selecting flush plates based on your preferred style, size, and fitting, check out some of the available flush plate features.

Key Takeaways:  

  • The top features people look for in flush plates include hands-free models, dual flushing, water-conserving, and noise-reducing options. A slimline design is another feature people look for when shopping for flush plates.
  • A few tips from the pros when selecting a flush plate include choosing between a digital or manual actuator, what type of finish best fits your bathroom design, and what customizable options you want.
  • If you are installing these flush plates yourself, make sure that you read all the instructions thoroughly and review the resources available online to help with this process.

Top 5 Features of Flush Plates   

There really is no such thing as a "standard flush plate." There are so many options on the market from which you can choose. It depends on your tastes and the look you are going for in your bathroom. Consider these features when choosing the right flush plate for your bathroom.

1. Hands-Free Flush Plates  

Designing a bathroom that is sleek and modern is great. Yet, incorporating touchless actuators also improves hygiene. Wave your hand over the flush plate and avoid contact with dirty surfaces. 

You may decide you want a remote flush feature. If your toilet sits under a window, you may not be able to install the flush plate directly above the toilet. A remote flush feature is another hands-free option that offers complete design flexibility.

Other hands-free flush plate options include:

  • Touchless actuators
  • Water-saving dual-flush 
  • Battery operated or hard-wired
  • Manual flush override available
  • Sensor-controlled switch-on functions
  • Vandal-resistant (perfect for public restrooms)

2. Dual Flush  

Dual flush actuators are environmentally friendly flush options that are becoming of greater importance as global warming looms. There are some countries in the world that require this flush option by law.

These actuators save 67% on water consumption and allow you to select between two different flush levels. You can use less water for liquid waste and more for solid waste by selecting which flush to use. 

3. Water-Conserving Flush Settings 

Infographic regarding the amount of water is used in a toilet


According to the EPA, the average household can save 13,000 gallons of water by replacing an inefficient toilet with a water-conserving model. Incorporating a flush plate that allows you to set the amount of water you use per flush increases the water-savings.

4. Reduced Noise Flush  

Concealed systems are not only aesthetically pleasing. They also have a hidden benefit (no pun intended). A concealed plumbing system has a quieter flush. When you install one of these systems along with a flush plate that allows you to customize flush levels, you reduce the noise in your bathroom. Turn a quiet flush into a silent one.

5. Slimline Design   

Concealed plumbing systems offer a sleek and slimline look to your bathroom. When you include a flush plate, you enhance that slimline design. Get a minimalistic look that is aesthetically pleasing (and easy to clean).

Tips for Choosing the Right Flush Plate Size, Style, and Fitting

When shopping for a flush plate, look for one with maximum design flexibility. Perhaps you have tile, and you want it to match or wood grain fixtures throughout the rest of the space. Your flush plate can blend in or stand out depending on your tastes.

There are several choices when choosing a flush plate for your bathroom. You must consider what you are looking for regarding size, style, and fittings. Here are some tips in choosing the right one for your bathroom:

  • Decide on a hands-free digital style or a manual slimline design
  • Opt for a finish that matches your other fixtures
  • Select one large button or two round or rectangle-shaped ones
  • Choose between a frameless design or a framed flush plate
  • Decide on your customizable design options

Images of customizable flush plate covers

How to Install Flush Plates

Once you (or your contractor) have completed installing the concealed sanitation system, you should have a rectangle-shaped hole in your drywall with the mounting trim guard in place flush to the wall. This video will should you what that should look like and what to do next.

It is best to hire a professional to install your concealed toilet system and flush plate. If you have chosen to do it yourself, here are the steps to install a flush plate:

  • Remove inset mounting pins and set depth per flush plate instructions
  • Turn pins one-quarter turn to lock into place
  • Set recessed pins at five-eighths of an inch from wall finish
  • Threat actuator pins into place
  • Set depth on pins flush with the trim guard or recessed per instructions (depth tool included)
  • Separate flush actuator from the flush plate frame
  • Align pins through openings on the frame
  • Attach frame with screws provided
  • Push actuator plate over the frame until it clicks into place

These are the steps to install a manual flush plate. If you opt for another model, manufacturers will include the installation instructions. Read them thoroughly and ensure you have all the tools you need before beginning.

Install Flush Plates Like the Plumbing Pros with Geberit

At Geberit, we offer know-how for the pros (and those who opt to do the work themselves) so that you get the finished results you want. We offer a wide selection of flush plates and reliable sanitation systems.  

We specialize in the installations of in-wall, concealed systems that are modern and aesthetically pleasing. With our Sigma and Omega models, it's easier than ever to match the perfect concealed system with your flush plates.

If you are looking for more plumbing pro tips on flush plates and concealed sanitary systems, check out our Know-How for the Pros section of our website.