Top 5 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Bathroom Fixtures

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Homeowners are beginning to see the value in taking a green approach when it comes to bathroom designs. Eco-friendly and sustainable bathroom fixtures can help conserve natural resources and save homeowners money. 

The average household can save more than 13,000 gallons of water by installing an eco-friendly toilet. That is just one way you can take a green initiative to improve the efficiency and sustainability within your home. 

In this article, you will learn some methods to do your part to conserve water and reduce waste in your bathroom hygiene habits. 

Also, you will discover the latest smart technology fixtures you can install in your bathroom to be more environmentally friendly.  

Key Takeaways:

  • There are ways to save and conserve natural resources by practicing water conservation techniques
  • Dual-flush capabilities will allow you to reduce water consumption by offering separate settings for liquid and solid waste
  • Besides installing eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, there are additional sustainability changes you should consider making in the bathroom

Ways to Conserve Water in Your Bathroom

With water waste as a concern, you need to know where in your home the potential for conservation efforts resides: the bathroom uses the most water, closely followed by the kitchen. 

Here are some of the best ways to conserve water usage in your bathroom:

  • Don’t allow the faucet to run: Turn the water off when washing your hands or brushing your teeth.
  • Limit shower length: Avoid long showers that waste water and streamline your shower process.
  • Inspect for leaks: Ensure that fittings and fixtures aren’t leaking due to cracks in the lines or need replacing.

The bathroom has three significant sources for wasting water – sinks, toilets, and showers. You must make sure they are working correctly, or else you should replace them. 

5 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Bathroom Fixtures

Developers and economists expect the smart bathrooms market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from 2020 to 2027. Since 2015, home improvement projects have risen on average of 6% per year. 

Bar graph of the U.S. smart bathroom market size from 2016 to 2027 – 10.5% CAGR

Homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of installing eco-friendly and sustainable bathroom fixtures in their smart bathrooms. Here are some of the fixtures you should consider installing on your green bathroom initiative:

1. Shower Heads

Installing a new shower head is an easy way to reduce water consumption and waste. You can choose from eco-friendly models that are more environmentally friendly, such as those made with recycled materials or utilizing technologies like rainwater harvesting for its pressure source.

Federal mandates require installing shower heads with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) or less. You should also consider purchasing a shower head with a thumb valve on the side so that you can turn off the water while your lather up.

2. Faucets

Installing an eco-friendly and resource-sustaining faucet is a simple way to make your home more environmentally sound while also saving money on water bills at the same time. 

You can install these faucets for both your sink and your bathtubs. There are touchless options for your sink that make turning the water off and on easier, which will help you conserve water.  

3. Toilets

When it comes to the commode, there are several options on the market from which to choose. Some eco-friendly models conserve water and lower energy costs. You can even get a toilet with a built-in bidet nozzle that allows you to use less toilet paper. 

Since toilets account for approximately 30-40% of a home’s water usage, it is essential to get a toilet that reduces water consumption. Choose one that has a WaterSense label. In doing so, you will also qualify for tax rebates.

Dual-flush toilets are the best way to ensure that you never use more water than you need. These toilet features allow you to flush with less water with liquid waste and more when the waste is solid.

4. Vanities

Another way to ensure your bathroom is eco-friendly is to install a vanity made from sustainable resources. Natural wood, recycled materials, and durably made products should be your focus when purchasing a new vanity for your bathroom. 

Some have smart technology included in their design. Power ports ensure things like hair driers and hot irons aren’t using more energy than they should. 

They can also monitor energy usage and notify you when you have exceeded preset thresholds. That way, you remain mindful of your energy consumption when using the bathroom.  

5. Lighting

If you want to make your bathroom eco-friendlier, install some new lighting fixtures. Choose from a variety of designs and colors that will suit any design aesthetic.

You can select fixtures that allow you to dim the lights as needed and backlight the vanity mirror for even more energy consumption reduction. Sensors are another great addition to your lighting fixtures. That way, if someone forgets to turn the lights off, they will do it for your automatically.

A Few Environmentally Friendly Changes to Make 

chart of ways to save money by limiting water consumption by installing and utilizing eco-friendly fixtures in your home


Everyone can make a change. Even small changes can make a significant impact on the world. There is still more you can do besides installing eco-friendly bathroom fixtures. You can also:

  • Purchase natural hygiene products
  • Buy sustainable toilet paper
  • Use all-natural cleaners
  • Design with sustainable furnishings, like wood, recycled ceramics, and natural linoleum
  • Keep fixtures well maintained and up to date
  • Use natural fabrics

Why You Should Consider Sustainable Bathroom Fixtures

Global warming is a real concern for many worldwide. You can do your part to preserve the world we all live in by purchasing products that conserve natural resources. 

You can also buy these products from companies that focus on sustainability. At Geberit, our company culture emphasizes manufacturing eco-friendly, resource-saving, and durable products. 

When you purchase from us, you contribute to our mission to practice responsible use and conservation of our planet’s resources.  

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