Top 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Bathroom

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A bathroom renovation can be a great way to make your home more comfortable and inviting. But some common bathroom planning mistakes might get in the way of this goal. This article covers these mistakes you want to avoid.

According to Zillow, the real estate gurus, you increase the value of your home by $1.71 for every dollar that you spend on home renovations. However, mistakes can take a significant chunk out of that value. 

Not only are they costly, but they also waste valuable time, and no one wants to deal with a bathroom remodel longer than they must.

You can solve bathroom design challenges by learning what the experts have to say about renovation planning for one of the most used rooms in your home. 

So what are the seven most common bathroom planning mistakes? Let’s take a look. 

Key Takeaways:

  • There are hundreds of things that can go wrong with a bathroom remodel; however, you can avoid many of them by conducting research before beginning any renovation project.
  • The most common mistake is not following a budget. Nothing is more costly in a home improvement project than not planning out where each dollar will be spent.
  • You should consider incorporating modern touches to your bathroom, like dual action flush plates and touchless sinks. 
  • Most importantly, you need to consult a professional before beginning a bathroom renovation or any other home improvement project. They will help ensure that you have all necessary permits and that installation goes smoothly.

7 Most Common Bathroom Planning Mistakes 

Bathroom remodels come with many exciting opportunities. However, they also come with challenges you can avoid. Before getting started, do some research on material costs, measurements, desired materials, fixtures, etc. 

With a little research, you minimize the chance of mishaps during installation. You also avoid spending too much money because of errors during the planning stage. 

There are a lot more than seven common mistakes you should avoid when planning your bathroom remodel. However, below are the ones that people make more frequently when planning their bathroom designs. 

1. Not Following a Budget 

Set a budget for your bathroom remodel and then make sure that you follow that budget. Not setting a budget is poor planning, and not following your budget is poor execution of that plan. 

Furthermore, make sure that your budget is realistic. Meaning, price things out before determining how much you will spend. Then, plan on having a little extra set aside for the unexpected. 

2. Not Considering Available Space

A bathroom renovation requires that you plan for how much space is available. You don't want the room to feel cluttered. 

You want the bathroom to include every element of style and purpose but incorporating too many features in a small space will remove the room's functionality.

While many people prefer to have a separate shower enclosure in their bathroom, not everyone has the space to accommodate this feature. Even small shower enclosures take up precious square footage in a small bathroom.

Graph of what percentage of people want a shower enclosure in their bathroom. 

Image: Facts that influence shower purchase - Lakes Showering Spaces  

3. Not Including the Right Lighting

Mistakes with lighting are another aspect you can avoid. Make sure there is enough lighting over the tub, toilet, and vanity. Also, consider the type of lighting fixtures you want to incorporate into your design. 

Do you want LED lights to conserve energy? Do you want adjustable lighting fixtures? Know what design elements are most important to you and decide if that design element for lighting fits into the space.

4. Not Considering the Water System

Another mistake people make when planning a bathroom renovation is not the consider the water system. Not only do you want to make sure that the water pressure will be adequate, but you need to think about whether to include wall-mounted elements, like an in-wall toilet or faucet

In-wall systems conceal unsightly plumbing fittings in the wall. These design elements allow you to have luxurious items, like a wall urinal or wall-hung toilet. These features make cleaning your bathroom more convenient than ever! 

5. Not Incorporating Modern Technology 

No, this does not mean including a television in your bathroom. Although, that is not a bad idea. When incorporating modern technology in your bathroom, this refers to touchless features and dual actions flush plates (those even come with hands-free models).

6. Not Choosing the Right Paint 

Color schemes are essential. The right shade can accentuate your bathroom layout and design but choosing the right paint color isn’t the only concern in a bathroom. You want to make sure that the paint you choose can withstand the humid environment of your bathroom. Plan to secure the proper type of paint to avoid unsightly peeling. 

7. Not Consulting a Professional Before Beginning

Consulting a professional can help you avoid these and many other common mistakes when remodeling your bathroom. You may need to get permits for some of your remodel, and you want to know this before you spend the money. Otherwise, these mistakes can consume valuable time and money to fix.

Bathroom Designing Made Easy with Geberit

You can avoid these (and many other) common mistakes by following the advice of experts and considering these three primary tips:

  • Sealing your tub and shower
  • Sealing grout where needed
  • Purchasing quality plumbing supplies

 Chart of the three tips for your bathroom remodel

Image Source: 2021 Cost of a Bathroom Remodel | Bathroom Renovation Calculator - HomeAdvisor  

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We have been designing quality plumbing parts for more than 120 years, and we are here to make your bathroom remodel easy. We know there are several things to consider when planning a bathroom renovation. We want to help you avoid making costly and time-consuming mistakes.

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