Touchless Actuators: The Next "Wave" in Restroom Hygiene


In a time when public safety is of the utmost concern, touchless actuators for restrooms are how facility managers and building owners combat public safety issues. If you are considering installing these devices, take a moment to learn a little more about this new wave of technology. 

Surfaces in a public restroom have more bacterial cells than most other public spaces. Toilet bowls contain 3.2 million per square inch. The seat has more than 295 bacteria, and 83 bacterial strains cover the flush handle. Touchless actuators reduce these numbers. 

This article will tell you more about why you should install these touchless devices. First, let's cover exactly what touchless actuators are and how they make public restrooms more hygienic. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Touchless actuators for bathrooms replace standard manual operations for toilets and faucets, to name a few. You activate them with the wave of your hand to perform their designed functions.
  • There are several popular touchless products with actuators you can install in your restrooms to make them more hygienic. They include flush plates, touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and automatic towel dispensers.
  • Touchless actuators make your restrooms more hygienic by reducing cross-contamination of surfaces, and they require less cleaning. 

What are Touchless Actuators?

Touchless actuators for restrooms replace traditional manual levers for operating toilets, faucets, and soap dispensers. These devices replace push buttons, handles, and pumps.

With the wave of your hand, you activate the sensors that initiate the functions of the equipment you are using. In the last two years, touchless activators have grown in popularity.

Advances in technology improve accuracy. These refinements are why facility managers are turning to the next generation systems to further public safety measures. 

Top 5 Different Types of Touchless Restroom Actuators

Germs can live on a surface from a few hours to several days. Depending on the strain of illness and the type of surface it is on, you could encounter a contaminant that can make you sick. Scientists say that the Coronavirus can live in non-porous surfaces for as many as 28 days.

graph of how long germs live on surfaces 

To make public restrooms more hygienic for those who use the facility, you should consider installing one or all the following popular touchless actuators in the restrooms of buildings you own or operate.

1. Toilet Flush Plates 

The average public toilet has around 50 bacteria per square inch on the seat. The flushing handle contains just as many. Installing toilet flush plates eliminates the need to touch the toilet to flush waste. 

You can even get a dual-flush actuator. These allow you to use less water for liquid waste and as much water as needed to flush solid waste from the toilet.

2. Touchless Faucets 

The sensors on a touchless faucet keep hands off and germs away. You can install these hands-free fixtures with metering options to promote water conservation and reduce energy usage. There are models available with the technology to monitor water usage. 

3. Soap Dispensers 

Washing your hands with soap and water can reduce the risk of death associated with specific diseases by as much as 50%. Yet, sadly, not everyone washes with soap and water, and even fewer do so for the recommended twenty seconds. 

You can promote adequate handwashing by installing an automatic soap dispenser. These touchless actuators are more convenient, and many people prefer them over manual soap pumps.

4. Automatic Hand Dryer

People prefer the touchless actuators on an automatic hand dryer over the models with a push-button design. Once you have washed your hands, no one wants to touch a contaminated surface like the button on a dryer or the lever of a towel dispenser.

5. Hands-free Towel Dispenser  

Another favorite among people who use public restrooms is hands-free towel dispensers. Like automatic hand dryers, people do not want to touch surfaces after washing their hands. 

One benefit to a towel dispenser over a hand dryer is that the user can then use the paper towel to open the door. That way, they do not have to use a cuff or sleeve and avoid using their freshly washed hands.

Reason Why Restrooms Touchless Actuators are More Hygienic

One benefit of the recent global pandemic is that more people are aware of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing high-traffic areas. They have also learned the necessity of proper hygiene. 

Restrooms have a lot of surfaces that, if touched, can adversely affect someone's health. Touchless actuators help these public spaces to be more hygienic. There are two primary ways they do this:

Reduces Cross-Contamination 

Since not everyone practices proper hygiene, cross-contamination occurs when people use the same facility. Nearly half the population does not wash their hands very often, creating serious health issues. It only takes one person who doesn't wash their hands properly to cause contamination.

Infographic about how often Americans wash their hands

Surfaces act as a reservoir for microorganisms. They spread to anyone who touched the surface. If these microorganisms lead to illness, people can continue to spread them to others through airborne transmission. 

Requires Less Cleaning 

When a restroom has touchless actuators, those using the facilities do not touch as many surfaces. That means they do not need cleaning as often. It is healthier for users and more hygienic for workers. 

Workplace illness has gone down by 5.7% from 2019. One reason is that people are more aware of the need for better cleaning procedures. You can also help reduce these numbers by installing touchless actuators so that your staff doesn't have to clean contaminated surfaces as often.

How to Find Touchless Restroom Technology 

Restroom hygiene is essential. So is sustainability. When you shop for touchless actuators for your restrooms, you should consider purchasing from a company that focuses on manufacturing environmentally responsible sanitation and plumbing products.

At Geberit, our touchless actuators make your restroom more hygienic and save you money through water conservation. We make products that are easy to install and maintain and offer eco-friendly modern restroom technology. 

Are you looking to install touchless actuators in your restrooms? Contact us today to learn more about our touchless restroom technology.