6 Things That Make Your Dream Bathroom Perfect


Anyone looking to design their dream bathroom has begun looking into all the latest bathroom trends. That includes what Smart technology to incorporate and what features they want in their fixtures. 

If that sounds like you, or you're a designer looking to stay informed on the latest bathroom design trends, take a moment to review these six must-haves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Analysts anticipate the CAGR of Smart bathroom products to reach 10.4% by 2027. They suspect that home remodeling trends are driving this growth.
  • Faucets with unique finishes (like those in matte black) really add a sense of style and a pop of color. 
  • No dream bathroom is complete without a luxurious tub and shower. So, opt for a tub/shower combination, while others prefer shower stalls separate from their tub.

10 Must-Haves That Make Your Dream Bathroom Perfect   

In recent years, more people are investing in home remodeling projects, which drives the growth in Smart bathroom products. Analysts anticipate the market to reach a CARG of 10.4% by 2027. 

Bar graph of the smart bathroom market size


As a result, designers are preparing themselves for what that will mean for business, and consumers are researching what must-have plumbing products to buy.

1. Elegant Textiles 

Sleek tile patterns, unique tapestries, and the fixture finishes all work together to tie the elegant textiles together to create a luxurious look for your dream bathroom. One eye-catching element to consider would be a matte black finish for your faucet. The matte finish gives any fixture a unique look, and the black gives your bathroom vanity the pop of color it needs. 

The most popular touch-free faucet series from Chicago Faucets, the E-Tronic® 80 touchless faucet and soap dispenser.

2. Quality Essentials  

Dream bathrooms aren't just supposed to look stylish. You want fixtures and fittings manufacturers design to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

Along with durability, you want your plumbing products to be sustainable. If you're eco-conscious, you understand the importance of purchasing quality products that won't need replacing after only a few short years.  

Also, choosing plumbing fixtures that allow you to replace key components (like cartridges) instead of the entire faucet will ensure your quality plumbing products are also kind to your wallet. 

3. Modern Bathroom Technology

Smart home technology continues to drive innovations in residential appliances and fixtures. Voice command, sensor technology, and remote programming features were once a dream of sci-fiction storytellers. Today, this technology is available for your dream bathroom, including (but not limited to):

  • Self-cleaning toilets
  • Smart mirrors
  • Showerhead with temperature displaying LEDs
  • Programmable faucets
  • Hands-free actuators

4. A Custom Shower 

Shower technology has come a long way over the last decade. The greatest feature on your showerhead was getting one that offered a pulsating stream. Today, you can have a fully programmable shower.

For instance, you can set your shower to turn on at a certain time, program it when to start, and even set a notification when the water is at the optimal temperature. You can do all of this from the comfort of your bed.

Depending on space, you might opt for a separate shower stall and tub. If that's the case, check out some must-haves for your dream bathtub.

5. A Luxurious Tub  

The tub is a great place to unwind after a long day. Soaking in a hot bath can ease tensions and promote relaxation and mental clarity.

If your bathroom has the room for a separate tub from the shower, designers agree it adds luxury to the space. You don't have to invest in a jacuzzi tub or one with jets (or any other bells and whistles) for it to be luxurious. 

When shopping for a bathroom tub, consider what type of faucet you'll want and need, the desired size, and what will fit into the space. 

Are you looking for a tub with a traditional faucet mount at the foot of the tub? Or would you spring for the side-mount instead? With so many decisions to make, consider browsing home remodeling magazines for inspiration.

6. In-Floor Heating & Cooling

The final dream bathroom must-have to make the list is temperature-controlled flooring. Most standard applications only offer a heated flooring option. However, for the ultimate in comfort (and luxury), you'll want flooring that does both. 

Image of a temperature-controlled flooring system

There are various installation applications. Yet, designers, architects, and contractors recommend having a licensed electrician install the heating/cooling system. 

Some flooring contractors will have the necessary certifications, so make sure you call around to get the perfect installer. That way, you won't have to pay for an electrician and a flooring contractor. 

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