How to build a completely touchless commercial bathroom

modern bathroom sinks and faucet in public toilet and restroom with touchless restroom taps

Bathrooms are often the dirtiest, most unappealing part of any business. But it does not have to be this way. Commercial restrooms can look cleaner and classier with just a few minor changes. If you are looking to incorporate touchless restroom technology in your facility's bathrooms, you'll want to learn about the latest hands-free devices building owners and architects are designing in commercial buildings today.

The fact is, 72% of consumers think a bathroom is more hygienic when there are touchless fixtures in the public restroom. Automated touchless features give patrons peace of mind about the establishment that traditional manual fittings do not offer. 

If you are looking to ease the mind of those who patronize your lavatories in your commercial building, take a moment to learn about the latest touchless restroom features you should install in your bathrooms. 

Key Takeaways:

  • A touchless restroom in your commercial building will promote proper hygiene practices and significantly reduce the spread of germs
  • Incorporating hand-free faucets, toilets, soap dispensers, and automatic hand dryers are the leading touchless technologies used in commercial buildings throughout the world
  • Finding the perfect fittings and fixtures for your commercial restroom is easier than you think when you're ready to incorporate touchless technology in your facility's lavatories

Why You Should Have a Touchless Commercial Restroom

 Touchless plumbing is the most sanitary way to keep your bathroom clean. No matter how thorough you are about cleaning regimens in your public restrooms, there will always be bacteria and viruses that could spread germs.

Touchless technology is the best way to keep your bathroom clean and safe. Touchless products offer such great benefits that it makes sense to incorporate them in your commercial building.

Not only will it show that you care about the cleanliness of your facility, but your customers also associate this with good quality and service, which can lead people back into coming more often. Touchless equipment could even help in foodservice industries where sanitation matters most. 

Other industries that should consider incorporating touchless technology in their public restrooms include:

  • Commercial office settings
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Residential institutions

Building a Completely Touchless Commercial Restroom

There are lots of reasons why hands-free items are better than manual ones. People will save time and get in and out quickly without sacrificing cleanliness. Here are a few ways to make a completely touchless commercial restroom:

Install Touchless Commercial Faucets

When you install touchless faucets in your commercial restrooms, you allow users to turn on the water with just a wave of their hand. Metering faucets are another great choice. However, these are not completely touch-free.

Although, you can set touchless faucets to operate like metering faucets that allow you to regulate the amount of water dispensed each time someone turns on the water. This feature allows you more control over the amount of water used and reduces water consumption (and keeps the cost of operation down). 

You can even connect a smart device to the sink's controls. That way, you have control even when you are not at the facility.

Ensure that you maintain your touchless faucet sensors. If you notice that one of the faucets in your commercial facility is not operating efficiently, or not working at all, there are some things you can do to fix the sensor. 

Check out this video and see if you can repair the sensor before buying a new faucet for your commercial restroom.


Mount Touchless Flush Plates and Actuators  

Users will find a way not to touch the flusher of the toilet if they can. 

Actions people will take to avoid touching the toilet

Providing users with a hands-free option for flushing the toilet is the best way to reduce the spread of germs in the dirtiest place in a public bathroom. Wave your hand over the flush plate, and the toilet will flush automatically.

Some sensors can flush the toilet as soon as the user stands up. However, these toilets do not offer some of the benefits that flushing actuators do. 

One of these features is the dual flush option. These features provide two flush settings. There is one for liquid waste, using less water, and one for solid waste. The solid waste flush uses more water to ensure everything goes down. 

Include Hands-Free Soap Dispensers 

Another place in the restroom that contains many germs is the soap dispenser. When a person finishes using the toilet, the first thing they touch is the soap dispenser. Think of all the germs on the spout of the soap dispenser! 

An automatic soap dispenser is a perfect alternative to traditional methods of soap distribution. Patrons can use the sleek, motion-activated device for hand sanitizers in restrooms and will keep their hands clean while avoiding any germs on its surface.

Consider Automatic Hand Dryers 

Towel dispensers have touchless options. Some have paper towels that dispense one towel at a time, and there are even some that have a sensor for towel distribution. However, these do eventually run out of towels. 

One way to combat this issue is to install automatic hand dryers. When the user runs their hands over the sensor, the dryer is initiated. 

Image of a hands-free hand dryer

The dryer shuts off when the person removes their hands from under the device. Some even have features that remain on for a designated amount of time. This feature is great for conserving energy. Like the touchless faucets, many have settings you can control from your smart device.

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At Chicago Faucets, a Geberit company, you can find the latest in touchless commercial restroom products to help you design a completely hands-free experience. Between the latest touchless faucets to Geberit's dual flush actuators, patrons won't have to touch any dirty surfaces when using the facility's lavatory. 

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